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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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and we will pay a portion of the money. what? so maybe we can talk about -- how you know, we can try to be creative. >> the other entity then you could possibly talk to would be the purchasing department for the o.c.a. the are responsible for the procurement of commodities. >> [inaudible] >> we can talk about it as far
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as participation. >> we have been talking a lot about the trade packages. for every contract, we list of all of those so that the subcontractors and suppliers know who to submit bids into to approach for other opportunities because a dozen and -- we published the list of the contact information so that you can call them. all of them require temporary toilets for field staff and they have hired that service. they should be looking at all of the projects. >> you hear that the trade packages are going to keep coming. we're working in different models of delivery and we have a
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contact of information whether it is a design builder. you will have it before this -- before construction even starts. i know that there has been a general service trade packages that include the type of work the you do end the taking bids on those types of things. you guys talk about contract compliance hasn't payments and stuff. who watches you guys? i am a woman own business. i have done all of these certifications and there is an ongoing contract for the city had a contractor was given that and charges what he wants. i had tried the opportunity. i have a small business, i can't afford a lawyer. i have been trying to do
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business and i have been denied. tell me, where do i go from here so that i can have the opportunities that everyone else has? anybody. the port authority? the housing authority? >> we will have one last person. >> i am going to be very quick. i would like to say that the majority of us here are contractors, consultants and we offer professional services or whatever it may be. we are accustomed to getting paid at the very end of the 30 days. not to be disrespectful, but it
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would be really great if we can get all of our checks on time. you get paid, i am assuming, every two weeks. imagine how it would be to get paid every 60 days and you're trying to run a small business. that is the first thing i want to say. just to be mindful of that, i wanted to follow up -- we have come to these meetings and events and we talk about what we want and what we don't have. i don't know if you heard, he basically said that he would want to talk or some of the other departments here will talk to small business owners. we are in recessions of the way that we used to run businesses are not the way we are running businesses today. i am a little afraid to get some contracts because i am hearing that their payout is 90 days or so.
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of the contract that we do have, it is every 15. following up with mr. kelly, i really want to make sure that some of these other contractors that are larger than my business is today, that they can sit down and talk about other ways of how we can actually get more business and make sure we are getting paid on time. and any other concerns that these small business owners have right here, not just in this community, but overall. we have a tendency to forget. as some mentioned, lines of credit can only go so far. >> one final speaker, mr. robinson. >> i just wanted to address the panel, and particularly the young lady that works for the
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mayor's office of economic workforce, this is not good faith. this is title six. pertaining to -- talking about the jobs, to be in the improvement of that. the perfect example is the mta. they promised that they would build three parking garages. we have one. they did parallel parking, but not the three parking garages. the city of san francisco is in violation when it comes to federal dollars. if you don't know the law, you can't address the law. i this want to make people aware that we don't have to beg for these jobs.
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we have an entitlement. >> perhaps you and i can have an offline conversation. >> this is not an attack, we have the killing in september 24 as of 1956 with matthew johnson by san francisco police officer and 45 years later, on the same thing. we are still looking for opportunities. it sounds good, but it is not being implemented. who is holding this panel accountable to the law? someone has told the panel accountable. if i am going down the street 65 miles an hour, i am in violation of the law. the city, county, san francisco is in violation of the law of title 6. >> thank you for all the great
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questions. for closing, which have our commissioner. >> i want to thank his supervisor cohen for posting this. this is actually the beginning of a dialogue between the community and the departments in your supervisors. i want to thank the panelists of the department for coming. and giving the information that they did. i would like to thank you for coming and also for welcoming us to your community. we basically -- our goal in this district is very important to us right now. all of us see the high unemployment over 30%.
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we see the opportunity for development in here. it probably has the largest opportunity for development in the entire city. what we're doing, we do the certification, we like to basically find the small businesses, identify them, certify that. we are also responsible, one person questioned who is looking after if i have a complaint about a contract, where do i go? you come to us. we will look into it for you. we will also work with the department's, and on the ordinance, the few things we talked about, i will be talking about profit payments for years.
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just like when you mail a package, you can go on line with the tracking system, that is the ultimate goal. the ultimate goal is to get there. it is basically your lifeline, there will get the payment as soon as possible. we have worked about alternative dispute resolution so that you don't have to pay an attorney.
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harlan kelly has been instrumental for bringing several people to the table and making sure that it has actually put together in a fashion that works for you guys. the departments are working very hard to break the contract as much as possible so that the small business, the micro business can participate and obtain these contracts. our biggest goal is to the make sure that businesses are certified and the ultimate goal is to see will graduate from the program. that means that we have succeeded if you have exceeded the threshold. thank you for coming, and let us know if we have any concerns with the human rights commission at let's look at this town hall
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meeting as the beginning of this dialogue so we can have more in the future. >> please have some refreshments, for all of those the have nots. how you are very important to us, and to thank my colleagues for taking out of their busy schedules to come and talk with you about the opportunities. please come up -- to talk with them. oh, my! haa ha ha! ha hha ha! [snortg]
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>> i want to introduce to you and adopted filipino woman, the supervisor district 10, maria cohen. when al and kim got married, maliagood evening, and welcome. we have many things to celebrate. first, i wanted to acknowledge all the women who helped make this event happened. thank you so much. [applause] absolutely. we need to continue to
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strengthen the philippine the women's network, not just here in san francisco, but all across the country. this network is strong and robust. i am honored to be here as a fellow sister with you in the struggle. i have a very simple story. [inaudible] she is part of the philippine the women's network, and i owe her my life and for the success of my career. she was my consultant last year when i was campaigning. and when no one else would work with me. [applause] [cheers and applause] that is right. this woman is definitely a strong ally, and i over everything could i am so happy that you're honoring and recognizing her for her achievements. trust me, it is difficult being in politics, not only as a woman
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but as a woman of color. i am so happy to be here today. thank you. [applause] i also want to acknowledge tita and want to thank her for her hard work and leadership. she has been a shining example and a role model for me as a young women growing up here in san francisco. that is it for my remarks to the i am so happy to see so many of you. there is my brother al. it is true story. a long time ago, back in 2003 -- 2004, it was the assistant for the near gavin newsom, and i volunteered to become deputized to officially over same-sex marriages. it was not only until -- and i presided over al's union and the mayor's office. it was not until 2009 when i was running that i sat down and met
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with many of the women of the filipino women's network. i was invited to come, and i think we wait -- we went to -- [unintelligible] not in district 10, but i plug it anyway. [laughter] it is in district 6, but it is read on the border. close enough. absolutely. i was able to bless the union, and i am so happy that you guys are still growing together and strong and in love. [applause] it is an incredible honor to be here amongst so many women, so many beautiful leaders. mayormerilee, i just want to say thank you. she has been my sister for years. before we knew each other, she worked on the merits network. we need to get more women on boards and commissions, as well
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as elected leaders. because when we have zero women at the table, that is one change starts to happen. [cheers and applause] i also want to acknowledge all the commissioners in the room today. thank you for all of your service. thank you very much, everyone. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, malia. first of all, i want to thank susie and her whole family who are here. you know, she is going to be feeding you later. maybe some of you have already started eating. andron is our brother and will play for us later. ithey have some gorgeous young men over there serving us and drinks with vodka. so if i am is sort of, you know, being happy, it is because of that. most of all, i just want to
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recognize our volunteers of the fwn to have been working behind the scenes. first of all, our fellow. many of the awardees have seen her name. leia, come on up here. there she is. as you know, she is with korn ferry international, which is the primo executive search firm kidder she works for them. she's spending monday with us at fwn, because she does not really want to be a consecutive search consultant. i got invited to an event at korn ferry international, at a lot of the ceo's were there. i was very honored. thank you for staying up all night, e-mail and everyone. for those of you who submitted
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your profiles and photographs, thank you very much. for those of you who were late, thank you very much. [laughter] that you made her life maybe a little less easier by trying to follow up with all of you. but you're so patient. >> good thing the bios were very inspiring, so it is worth it. >> if you want to know anything about the 100 this year, she's the person to talk to. she is like a walking wikipedia. then i want to introduce al perez. he is a board member. but the magazine would not have happened without al. thank you so much. i stayed at his house for a few days as we were trying to get the magazine out and getting all of the photographs. thank you so much. and you know he is the commissioner with the san francisco entertainment commission.
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he is living a very busy life. so i have the philippine consulate staff. where are you? they make our lives easier by helping us out with all the registrations and the packets. the little bags that you got. wasn't it great? filipino women, hey. there is somebody very important to the filipino community who is here tonight. as you know, as many of you know, domestic -- we have the filipina women's network that has a domestic violence campaign. it started in the 1980's when a filipino woman was murdered in front of her two children by her boyfriend.
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that really galvanized the community, because her alleged murderer at that time escaped to mexico. and we had a quest to make sure that justice was served. her mother, who was not here tonight, really championed the cause and got the filipina women's network involved. the district attorney's office has held the filipina women's network, and as a community, and i think it is fought -- signed an mou with the philippine consulate. i want to introduce the district attorney of san francisco who has been interest -- instrumental in helping the community reduce crime against women. george, the district attorney, yay. [cheers and applause] >> quickly, it is an honor being here today and sharing this moment. i have seen some many influential members of this
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community and women of substance in recognized as part of the filipino community but i am honored to be here today. this week, we signed a historical agreement between my office and the philippine council. and the purpose of the agreement is to get the district attorney's office and are committed to closer to the filipino community to make sure we help vulnerable victims, people who may not be willing to come to the police or may not be willing to report crimes or report when someone else is being victimized, especially victims of domestic violence, the elderly, and immigrants who may not be sure about how to navigate the american system. we're very proud to have a historical agreement, the first one in the country. what an appropriate day to announce it here with you. so congratulations to all of you. thank you so much. [applause] >> so let's recognize all of you
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who have come a long way. who traveled the farthest to san francisco? guam, there you go. whoo-hoo. the director of the labor department from guam, all the way. ok, thank you for coming. who is the next? washington. wait a minute -- hawaii. ok, washington state. ok. oh, washington, d.c. wait a minute, is that further than hawaii? ok, washington, d.c., hawaii. how many people from hawaiiy fromay. i think there is somebody from kansas. there she is. where is alaska? catherine, yes, from alaska. where is she? where is catherine?
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oh, there she is drinking. yeah, all the way from juneau, alaska. we have a special assistant to the ceo and beneficial a city council, a woman of juneau, alaska. who else? where? georgia. who is from georgia? oh, georgia, yes. there is april from georgia. she was our tech person, helping with all the presentations. new york, ok. whoo-hoo-hoo. who else iso elseh, new york, ok, i see you. we have somebody from pittsburg. who else? texas.
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yay, ok. who else? what other states are represented? oregon. where is maria? maria is from oregon, right? oh, washington state, sorry. who else? ok, good old california. san francisco, daly city, concord, danville, oakland, vallejo, san diego. oh, we have the honorable arlee from san diego. come on, thank you. who else?
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hercules, california, yay. you know, this evening is really the mayor's reception, the san francisco bay area mayor's reception. did you know that there are three women members of fwn and honorees of the 100 most influential filipino women are mayors in the san francisco bay area? yay. i want to call up here -- come on up here, mayor of hercules, california. she was in the summit in 2006. do you want to tell the story ? >> congratulations to the 100 most influential filipino women. i attended first in 2006.
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and i was a planning commissioner then and i wanted to quit politics. i hated politics. but the summit inspired me. and merilee kept saying we needed more women in visible and a mainstream positions in government, commissions, and councils. so i was recognized in 2009, a couple of years ago. i was inspired by mayor joanne el rosario and the other women mayors around. so last year, i decided to run. and i won in november, not even a year. and little did i know, i was running into a burning building. hercules was crumbling. in january, the mayor resigned,
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so i became vice mayor. and then the rico movement happened and i became the mayor in june. [applause] the fastest rise of anybody i know. we had a lot of problems. we had to lay off people, cut the budget, cut parks and wreck. our meetings were overflowing. we had to rally the community around as peter it is an ongoing thing, but we're turning it around. i am glad that i did not quit, thanks to the filipino womens' network who has inspired me and kept me on track. i never thought i would do this. thank you very much. [applause] >> we love you. in 2006, fwn hosted a victory
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party. there were about four women that won the elections at that time. one of them was a jill wynns del rosario. it is interesting -- joanne del rosario. it was interesting at the time because i invited her to the party, and she said, no, i did not want to jinx my election. she said i do not want to go to the victory party because it is only a difference of a few ballads. it was held at the philippine consulate. i walked in and there she was. and i said, you must have won because you're here. so joanne, come on here. yeah. [applause] she was selected one of the 100 most influential filipina women in 2009. [applause] >> good evening,


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